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Music Theory and Chord Reference for the Mountain Dulcimer by Jerry Rockwell

ISBN 0-9647222-1-6, 1994, 1995. Catalog number JCR560

Books In Print says, "Exercises, diagrams, and illustrations amplify this tightly packed reference, which will benefit arrangers, primary and secondary music educators, and dulcimer players at all levels."
We think that about says it.

Publisher's Cataloguing-in-Publication (CIP) data for those who are stocking libraries. 40 pages, comb bound.

Part One: Music Theory
is geared to all musicians, using the keyboard as a point of reference for those who are keyboard literate, but not requiring a keyboard for the rest of us.

Part Two: Chord Reference includes chord formulas, three types of fingerboard charts (pitches, intervals, and visual constellations) plus dulcimer chord tablature. Chord progressions in tablature illustrate an especially useful application for the materials in this book--back-up playing. An Appendix explains in detail the four most popular modes used by folk musicians.

Part One: Music Theory: Rudiments
("What do all those little lines and circles mean?") From rhythm notation, notes, staff, intervals, chord inversions, and scale-tone triads through the Circle of Fifths; Major and minor scales; sharps, flats, scale building exercises and scale categories (12-tone, diatonic, the mode system, whole-tone, pentatonic) and more.

Part Two: Chord Reference studies D, G, and A Major chords; A Seventh; and B, E, and F# minor chords.
Chord progressions: Bile Them Cabbage Down, Stretched Cabbage, Soldier's Joy, Fisher's Hornpipe, Liberty, Rickett's Hornpipe, 12-bar Blues in D, and 12-bar Blues in A.

Appendix: Understanding the Modes
Modal scales
Tuning into the Modes: Concise instructions for tuning your mountain dulcimer into D Ionian (D-A-A); D Dorian (D-A-G);
D Mixolydian (D-A-D); and D Aeolian (D-A-C).
Playing Across the Fingerboard
Marker Tunes: Ionian, Dorian, Mixolydian, Aeolian
Locations of the Modes on a traditional mountain dulcimer

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