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The Philips Cabin, Adamsville

Bob Evans Farm has been the site of some memorable festivities over the past several decades. A great many regional players were introduced to the instrument at the dulcimer festival the Farm used to host.

During the week following, it was customary to include playing workshops in the curricula of the School of Homestead Living, held at the farm, Homestead, and log buildings.

The school was a joint venture of Bob Evans Farms and Rio Grande University, and taught skills from open-hearth cooking to quilting and candlewicking to building muzzleloaders, log home construction, and more.

In 1991, Rio Grande University merged Homestead Living classes into its summer continuing ed program.
Kendra Ward-Bence and Jerry Rockwell taught hammered and mountain dulcimer, respectively.

When the university's funds were cut, the Farm offered longtime instructors a place and a chance to administer their own classes. The Log School mountain dulcimer classes have been an annual event for 8 years now.

 The Log School Classes
with Jerry Rockwell

At the Log School, Bob Evans Farm, Rio Grande, Ohio
(located on old Rt 35 between Rio Grande and Gallipolis, Ohio)

I organize and teach an annual week-long mountain dulcimer playing workshop at Bob Evans Farms in Rio Grande, Ohio, usually during the summer. This year one weekend session was scheduled in September instead of the traditional Monday thru Friday sessions. (this year the class had to be cancelled due to lack of enrollment). The classes are actually held in a one-room school in the little log cabin "village" of Adamsville, which is just across the fields from the Bob Evans Homestead and the Bob Evans Restaurant/General Store.

We begin at 9 am, break about noon for lunch and continue till 4 pm each day.

This has been a hot workshop! In fact, the third week of July is SO HOT in Southern Ohio, that we've decided to move the classes to a more comfortable time slot: September 22-23, 20001 for the Arranging Class

This class has been cancelled

PRE-REGISTRATION is required. The 2001 registration form is available online. Class size is limited.

Lunches are arranged individually or by class consensus, brown-bag or restaurant-style. The class may go up to Bob Evans' for lunch, or sometimes invade another local eating establishment.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own lodgings at area hotels, motels, and campgrounds listed with the Ohio Valley Visitors Center in Gallipolis. Choose a place to stay that suits your style (note: the College Inn Motel at Rio Grande is across from the Farm's main entrance, and the Bob Evans livery/ campground is right across from the log village; the motels listed on Jackson Pike are about ten minutes away). Note that all of the Ohio area facilities listed now have a "740" area code. Call us if you would like more lodging advice.

It's always mellow, and I think of the classes as being very low-pressure and enjoyable. We combat the heat in traditional ways: have a supply of cold spring water and ice on hand--or go outside under the shade trees. We work hard on music all day, and leave each person to their own style of after-hours relaxation--and there's a peaceful retreat down every country road. Participants have said that they like the friendliness of Rio, getting to know the folks in a very small class, and having the option of signing up for a partial or whole week.

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