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Kentucky Music Week

June 24 - 29, 2018

Bardstown, KY

I'm really feeling psyched for KMW this year!! I'll be teaching four classes:

Play Modal Tunes and Songs While Tuned DAD - No retuning, no capo, just learning some E Dorian, A Mixolydian, and B Aeolian repertoire!

Easy Rounds and Jam-A-Rounds For Ensembles - Really, this is THE MOST fun you can have playing with a group of dulcimers!

Making Up Your Own Jams - Tired of Whiskey Before Breakfast, Old Joe Clarke, Soldier's Joy??? - This class is your chance to get away from the fiddle tune repertoire and start to discover your very own dulcimer style, working off of very simple chord progressions and short melodic seeds.

Slow Airs From Ireland - Some of the more ethereal music from the Celtic lands - slower pieces that really take you on an inner journey. This is music that goes incredibly well on the dulcimer!!

For more information, here is a link to the Classes page on the KMW web site:

Classes for 2018 at Kentucky Music Week

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Jerry in his woodworking shop. Photo by Stan AlostJerry playing a newly-built dulcimer. Photo by Stan Alost

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