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Descending Aeolian with Chords

In a previous article, we showed you how to descend the B Aeolian (in DAD tuning) with mostly just the melody notes, using a little support here and there from some of the important "drone" notes of B Aeolian. Now let's look at what happens if we play the melody notes on top of chords: one chord for each note in the mode:

   Bm   F#m   Em    Bm    Em    Bm    A     Bm   

There are many more ways to get through these chords, and here are some that are not tied to the descending Aeolian specifically (though you could have a friend play the descending notes, and it would add a wonderful dimension to what you play with the following changes):

    Bm   F#m7  Em    Bm    Em    Bm    A     Bm   
    Bm   F#m   Em    Bm    Em    Bm    A     Bm   
    Bm   F#m   Em    Bm    Em    Bm    A7    Bm   

These are in block chord formations. Most often, I usually like to arpeggiate these chords with a flowing fingerpicking style. Use your imagination!!

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